Artificial Flower & PLANT Arrangements


Corporate Office, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant and the HomE

Artificial flowers and plants have come a long way over the years and you can now buy some extremely good quality ones. We always try to use artificial flowers and plants that look as realistic as possible, we want someone to look at one of our arrangements and not realise that it is artificial. Sometimes fresh flowers or plants are not going to work for you, maybe it’s because you want them placed in a room where there is little or no light or you do not want to keep refreshing or replacing the flowers.

We can make and provide artificial flower and planted arrangements for all types of occasions on either a hire or for sale basis.


  • Artificial Weekly Contract Flowers

  • Corporate Office Artificial Flowers Displays

  • Hotel, Restaurant and Bar Artificial Flower Arrangements

  • Wedding, Event or Party Artificial Flowers

  • Fashion, Photoshoot, TV and PR Artificial Flowers Designs

  • Interior Design Artificial Flowers


Artificial flowers are more expensive but there are many benefits:

  • Artificial flowers and plants last longer, if looked after properly they can last years

  • Require little maintenance, just an occasional wipe clean or dusting

  • Can be positioned in places that fresh flowers would not last as long

  • Always look the same, perfect if you want the same look for a longer period of time

  • Are ideal for those that suffer from hay fever or have allergies to fresh flowers

  • Less mess, as they do not drop their leaves or petals